Event in Zurich

An Afternoon in the Wild

Come and meet wildlife photographers Federico Veronesi and Ole J Liodden.



Federico Veronesi


“I photograph wild animals simply because I love them, and I love the places where they live.”

Born in Italy, Federico Veronesi moved to Kenya after his university studies. As well as being a professional photographer and book author, he leads photographic safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Namibia. See federicoveronesi.com for more images and information.


Ole J Liodden


“Polar bears have become the main symbol for global warming, and big conservation campaigns are published with images of polar bears. Human removals (killing) of polar bears are rarely mentioned in these campaigns at all.”

Ole J lives in Norway and his company WildPhoto Travel organises polar expeditions in both the Arctic and Antarctica. In addition to being a photographer, expedition leader and author, he started a research project Polar Bears & Humans to investigate the effects of hunting and science on polar bears. Visit oleliodden.com to find out more about Ole J and his projects.

Details and Registration

Details of the event are available on the website www.an-afternoon-in-the-wild.com.

The event is FREE but you need to REGISTER to reserve a place.

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