Several of my followers on Instagram have asked me questions about locations, equipment, the animals in my images and how I do my image processing. I’ve also been asked for general advice on safaris and wildlife photography. To provide more detailed answers to these questions than I can write in Instagram messages, I plan to write some blog articles for my website. But I thought you might also be interested to read about the stories behind some of my images in terms of what they capture and my photographic vision.

Therefore, I have decided to produce a monthly newsletter so I can inform you about new blog articles and provide you each month with a two page document telling you the story behind a specific image. This will include information about animals in the image, the location where it was taken and the events surrounding it as well as how I captured and processed it. I’ll focus more on my general approach to processing in terms of what I wanted to achieve and why I chose certain options rather than trying to give tutorial-style details of specific adjustments, although I hope you might pick up some specific Lightroom tips on the way.

I plan to send out the first newsletter soon, so subscribe now if you want to be included.

I’m looking forward to this latest adventure in my photography and hope you are too,